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Colina - corte


Due to the high temperatures in summer it is advisable to ventilate the house daily to renew the air. In winter maintain a healthy temperature and humidity to avoid to the maximum the natural movements of the wood.

It is convenient to place containers with water, since the heating makes the room very dry and there may be separations between the stripes of the platform if the wood is excessively dry. In the case of new dwellings that are not going to be inhabited immediately, it is strongly recommended to follow the instructions described below:

Ideal temperature: 16ºC - 22ºC.
Ideal relative humidity: 40% - 65%


For daily cleaning use a dry cloth, vacuum cleaner or neutral mild soap, without waxes. For deeper cleanings, wipe with a damp cloth, but never too much water or with scouring pads or cloths that could damage the material. Install effective mats at the entrances.

Protect areas of furniture that are in contact with the pallet using felt covers, carpet. Avoid walking on the platform with pointed heels. Avoid blows with hard objects on the stage.


This warranty does not cover damage to any plank caused from subfloor-moisture, flood, wet mopping, leaky appliances or stagnated water.

We will not be liable in the event of naturally occurring elements of wood flooring, including but not limited to, open knot holes or other characteristics resulting from true craftsmanship or hand-scraping of flooring.

As you may anticipate, we do not assume responsibility for any flooring damage caused by misuse, abuse or damage by accident or other events beyond our control.

No warranty is provided for installations in industrial applications. Obviously, we cannot be reponsible for extreme conditions such as extreme heat, moisture, dryness or rapid fluctuations in any such conditions. Our warranty does not cover alterations (including refinishing) or repairs made to the flooring.

Purchaser shall have to consider the biological, physical and chemical properties when buying and using wood.

Wood is a natural product. Two boards of the same wood will never be the same. Its structure or grain does not follow a fixed pattern and can give rise to variations of tone from the sample. A sample can give a general idea, but in the same installation it's possible to find small differences in color so cannot be claimed.

If an offer is made on a sample basis, the color and texture of the samples shall not be deemed warranted qualities. Samples provided will only represent an average condition of the goods. Complaints shall have to be stated at any rate before using the goods.

MHparquets will not be responsible for costs incurred when a floor with visible defects has been installed, so that,  any subsequent objections shall be ruled out.

The warranty does not extend to cover flooring after installation.

All the products of MH parquets are subject to the strictest quality controls both in the wood used and in all the processes of manufacture of the parquet. However, if any irregularities are detected, contact your installer.

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The wood used in all collections of MH Parquets
comes from forests managed under the rules and criteria
sustainability, using non-harmful varnishes, which means
that is exempt from indoor emissions and complying with ISO 9001:2015.


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