In this collection the timber is subjected to temperatures between 356° and 428°F: Coatings and collections of ash and eucalyptus. These products are sensitive to the environment, which contain no added chemicals or biocide, and therefore a recyclable timber.


Eucalyptus is presented as a renewable and recyclable wood, since it comes from artificial plantations. This crop can be certified socially, environmentally and economically by rigorous systems, either the national Cerfoar (PEFC) or international FSC. Although its introduction began in Argentina in the last century (decade of the '40), it began to be planted industrially in the decade of the '70. Its development has been fundamental to generate a change of culture in the wood use, being a solution to remove pressure to the use of native woods and thus to preserve the natural ecosystems.


Ash is a strong, stable and hard wood with excellent resistance properties. Surface treatment requires a lot of experience and technical knowledge. In its natural state it is of brilliant white beige tonality.

Textures / Texturas

Roble Decapado


Like old furniture recovered where layers of paint are removed superficially leaving traces of other times. Surface striped with patina in the vein.

Roble Corte


A rigorous treatment that gives a special character of wear to the slats. Shallow and combined with cross-cut sawing.


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  • Fresno Termotratado Crudo
    Fresno Termotratado Crudo
  • Eucalipto Termotratado Oscuro Corte
    Eucalipto Termotratado Oscuro Corte
  • Eucalipto Termotratado Natural Erosión
    Eucalipto Termotratado Natural Erosión
  • Eucalipto termotratado crudo
    Eucalipto termotratado crudo

The wood used in all collections of MH Parquets
comes from forests managed under the rules and criteria
sustainability, using non-harmful varnishes, which means
that is exempt from indoor emissions and complying with ISO 9001:2015.



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