Restaurante Solomillo by MH Parquets

The new space by Hotel Alexandra DoubleTree by Hilton is called "Solomillo" and you can find there the new project of MH Parquets in Barcelona.

Alma, the collection made from oak wood with a weathered finish is present on the entire surface of the two floors that make the new restaurant based on the concept of charcuterie on the ground floor, and a restaurant for meat lovers on the top one. In addition, the table that occupies the space of meetings on the second floor, is also made with MH Parquets wood.

This oak parquet is made of three layers of wood glued in a cross, is made from natural and renewable materials. The visible/exposed layer is composed of hardwood and spruce, while its counterpart a balance of fir, obtaining maximum balance and stability.  The format in this case is magnum, 1 strip bevelled on both sides.

Solomillo represents the great Spanish design through the pieces that decorate the restaurant under the RED (Reunión Empresas de Diseño) association. An environment that evokes a modern and aesthetic from another era would have turned the place into a classic restaurant in town. With timeless materials, the companies you can find in the restaurant along with MH Parquets are: Funiculí de Marset, Básica Mínima de Santa&Cole, Cosentino, Andreu World, Inclass, Expormim, Ondarreta, Gancedo, Nanimarquina, SancalVibia, Vondom y Delica.

About Hotel Alexandra DoubleTree by Hilton:

Alexandra Barcelona DoubleTree by Hilton, is a design boutique hotel that belongs to Diagonal Hotels, a family company group. The hotel offers contemporary accommodation and classy in the Eixample district, in the heart of the city of Barcelona design.

About Reunión Empresas de Diseño, RED:

Reunión Empresas de Diseño, Red, is a multilateral platform nonprofit formed by producers and publishers habitat design sector that promotes the values of good design created in Spain through its brands and products.


More information:

Mallorca 251, 0808 Barcelona

The wood used in all collections of MH Parquets
comes from forests managed under the rules and criteria
sustainability, using non-harmful varnishes, which means
that is exempt from indoor emissions and complying with ISO 9001:2015.


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