MH Parquets collaborates with the architectural firm Arturo Forero

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The architectural firm Arturo Forero submitted to the Egurtek awards with a house in the field of Segovia, where MH Parquets has supplied the heat-treated eucalyptus wood for the facade. The building is part of a protected natural environment and because of that, there's a need of a special treatment that offers the house better durability class 1 and greater stability.

The design of the house is divided into two distinct spaces: public and private. In the public we can find the lounge, dining and services while in the private side we can see the bedrooms that are resolved constructively with wood that allows light filtering through the slats, giving the rooms a third possibility lighting an atmosphere of gloom.

Therefore, and with a clear objective towards sustainable management and since the building is integrated in a protected natural environment through organic architecture, the owners didn’t want to implement any protective treatment, allowing the wood to age naturally.

Premio Ugurtek - MH Parquets - 01

Premios Ugurtek - MH Parquets - 02

Premios Ugurtek - MH Parquets - 03

Premios Ugurtek - MH Parquets - 04

The wood used in all collections of MH Parquets
comes from forests managed under the rules and criteria
sustainability, using non-harmful varnishes, which means
that is exempt from indoor emissions and complying with ISO 9001:2015.


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