Clay and Mole colors join Oak collection

Clay and Mole colors join Oak collection

MH Parquets adds two new colors to the Oak collection: Clay and Mole. Both are dark tones, increasing the many options of this wide parquet line, which has thirty combinations available between colors and textures.

Clay is launched along with the Erosion texture, which brings out the natural quality of its brown and grey tones, imitating the evolution of wood when it experiences the actual atmospheric conditions in its environment. Mole plays with the different grey tones and the lines of the Corte texture, which produces great dynamism in each board and creates unexpected drawings when you combine them.

Clay Erosion and Mole Corte, as well as the whole Oak collection, transmit the beauty of natural oak wood, and, at the same time, are produced in the most sustainable way. Each parquet piece is made of three layers of wood, glued in a cross. They are manufactured with totally natural and renewable materials, which means less environmental impact. In order to achieve maximum balance and stability, the visible layer is made of hardwood, while its counterpart is made of fir. Also, all wood used have Certification of the Chain of Custody, which guarantees origin from sustainable forests.

A common feature of both Oak and Energia Natural collections is that every product includes its own .Revit file. These files are part of a BIM software (Building Information Modeling) that allows making a simulation of the different pieces in an actual place, adapting the different colors or sizes, both in 2D and in 3D. This way, interior designers and architects can test how Clay Erosion and Mole Corte interact themselves within their projects, becoming a very useful tool.

The new Oak colors are available in the usual formats by MH Parquets: Forest, Forest 100, Magnum, 3 Lamas, XL 14 y XL21. This combination of sizes allows a wide range of mounting options and to adapt to the needs of each case. Clay Erosión y Mole Corte give the elegant and natural shade of wood, and they can be used in homes as well as in hotels, restaurants or shops. In addition, their manufacture and finishing touch always guarantee the highest quality standards.

The wood used in all collections of MH Parquets
comes from forests managed under the rules and criteria
sustainability, using non-harmful varnishes, which means
that is exempt from indoor emissions and complying with ISO 9001:2015.


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